Atlanta Braves Loss in Extra Innings Points out Weakness

DENVER, CO - APRIL 7: Ozzie Albies
DENVER, CO - APRIL 7: Ozzie Albies /

The Atlanta Braves loss to the Rockies points out a glaring weakness on a team that has been surprising so far in the 2018 season. That is the lack of an elite closer one who the Braves can count on to hold the game.

Brian Snitker the Atlanta Braves manager made an interesting decision bringing in Arodys Vizcaino into the game in a none save situation.  Vizcaino rewarded that iffy decision by walking in the walk-off run.

Unable to throw a strike to the Rockies second string catcher. This points to a glaring weakness of a Braves roster that has been a trouble spot for some time now, the role of a closer.

Vizcaino having an off game isn’t the end of the world or time to overreact.  This is not based on simply one game but the many chances that Vizcaino has had to be the Braves closer and his inconsistency that keeps him from the role.

The mental edge that you have to have to be a closer is something that Vizcaino doesn’t seem to have. That isn’t to say that he couldn’t develop it later in his career only that on a competing team he isn’t a closer.

The Braves bullpen has been handing out far to many walks and none more upsetting and glaring then the one that Vizcaino delivered to give the Rockies a win last night.

If the Braves want to continue to compete this season they are going to have to find other players on the team capable of pitching in high leverage situations knowing that Vizcaino is going to be horribly inconsistent.

Unable to throw strikes at times like he was last night and will strike out every hitter he faces in others.

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Vizcaino is a useful bullpen piece but not a closer or a high caliber reliever that the Braves can count on to get every out.  The back end of the Braves bullpen is the reason the Braves lost their second extra innings game this season and a struggle that will continue as long as Vizcaino remains in the back of the pen.