Atlanta Braves: This Season Began Tonight In Washington

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 09: Julio Teheran
WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 09: Julio Teheran /

The Atlanta Braves (6-4) lost in Washington. Tonight was when the season got real for fans, club, and franchise.

If you look at the NL East standings, you will find our Atlanta Braves in a good position. The disgusting Mets are in first, but that will fall. Mainly, because the Nationals are that good. Over a complete season, they are. But the Atlanta Braves team is the surprise, thus far, and everyone knows it. They are a good team, playing good baseball, but tonight, was the beginning of the real season.

I write this in Washington Nationals territory. I was advanced and polite in my Atlanta Braves insistence. Oh, and I was in public. But it was one of those kinds of nights. The Nationals won.

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That, my friends is where the story begins. Our Braves have won every series they’ve played. That’s a fact. They can still do it. And, if they do, it will send waves through the division.

I didn’t realize that until tonight. When I got an earful from Nationals fans, our situation became present. They know they have a good team. They also are beginning to get scared of the Braves. Not this year, but they know it’s coming.

This series, with Washington, will mean more than most April series that Atlanta would play. Because our Braves shocked them in Atlanta.

But, enough about them. What about us? Scherzer did his thing. Bats will go cold. It happens. And, yes, Teheran lost another close on. No run support. It has to be demoralizing.

Our pitchers still pitch them well. We just couldn’t hit. That won’t always be the case. It might not be the case tomorrow.

If these Atlanta Braves find a way to win this series, look out. I’m not saying for the year, but for the division. The Mets are good, but not sustainable. Nationals fans agree. I find that hilarious.

The Atlanta Braves are formidable. That’s something that is sneaking up on everyone around here.

Nothing is “do or die” in April. Mostly. But it can inform.

If the Atlanta Braves win this series, it will be verification. That’s different altogether.

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If the Atlanta Braves win the series in Washington, there will be three cities that notice. Yes, only three.