Bryce Harper Could Sign With Atlanta Braves in 2019

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 09: Bryce Harper
WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 09: Bryce Harper /

Bryce Harper is off to monster start to the season that seems to only be fueling the talk of where the superstar could land. One surprise location has popped up in the rumor mill aside from the usual big spenders. Could the Atlanta Braves land Bryce Harper?

The fact that we are talking about Bryce Harper and his potential free agency and we are barely past opening day speaks to the star power and ability that Harper brings.

For a small market team like the Atlanta Braves to be attached to Harper is surprising and leaves a lot of questions as to the validity of the rumor.

The rumor was started by a friend of Harper’s who pointed out Atlanta as a possible landing spot. From there the speculation has run rampant as to whether or not Harper could truly switch to a rival in free agency.

There are many sides of this idea to break down the first is the fact that the Braves are said to be looking to spend largely in free agency this off-season. That checks off the question of money though the Braves have sung that tune before and failed to up their payroll by any noticeable amount.

Next, you have to look at the possibility that Harper would consider Atlanta and if there is a starting role here for him.

We are yet to have any firm idea of what Harper would or wouldn’t consider in his pending free agency what we do know is that he is likely to look to go where he can win and if the Braves early success and reported spending both pans out there is no reason to think the Braves wouldn’t be considered.

The next issue is a spot in the outfield, with Ronald Acuna Jr. likely claiming a long-term spot this year and Ender Inciarte entrenched in center that leaves right field where veteran Nick Markakis currently presides.

Nick is a veteran whose contract is expiring and replacing him with Harper certainly would be an upgrade not a problem for the Braves.

What is a problem is the contract likely to set a record Harper is going to demand a ransom that would make even the Yankees wince locking that much salary into one player is a tough move one that means the Braves are committed to building a winning team.

That salary, however, would pay its self off more than likely. When you bring a star player into town the city buzzes and the team benefits from more than just the player’s production. Harper would give the Braves two possibly three legitimate superstars depending on Acuna that would make the Braves lineup downright scary.

Bringing a hated and talented rival to Atlanta would be a gutsy and headline-making move that the Braves rarely seem to make.

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Bryce Harper with a tomahawk on his chest is a crazy idea. An idea that might just push the Braves deep into the postseason a crazy idea that might just work.