Atlanta Falcons Are a Perfect Fit for Free Agent Dez Bryant

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 31: Wide receiver Dez Bryant
PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 31: Wide receiver Dez Bryant /

The Atlanta Falcons need help at wide receiver, considering they are dangerously thin at the position. Recently cut Dez Bryant could be the perfect answer to the Falcons problems.

Dez Bryant as an Atlanta Falcon may seem far-fetched but is a possibility the Falcons should at least consider. Bryant hasn’t been quite the same since Tony Romo left the team headed into a forced retirement.

Dez Bryant had a 52% catch rate last season, finishing the year with 838 yards and 6 touchdowns. The problem with those numbers for the Cowboys was simply the catch and big-play rate compared to the salary.

Bryant was making top receiver money and wasn’t producing enough big plays. So why would the Falcons be interested in a possibly washed up receiver?

Bryant may not have the quickness he used to, but he is a still a big-bodied receiver more than capable of breaking big plays. At only twenty-nine years old, he is more than capable of bouncing back.

It wasn’t long ago that Tony Romo and Dez Bryant looked to be playing catch in the backyard on a weekly basis.  It came easy for both of them, with Tony anticipating Dez’s every move resulting in big plays.

In comes rookie sensation Dak Prescott, the surprise pick from the 2016 draft. While the rookie shined, the chemistry between the receiver and his new Quarterback looked forced. Dez was Tony’s guy, and Dak liked throwing to open receivers, not tossing up 50/50 balls for Bryant.

After two years of sub-par stats, it isn’t hard to see the results. Dak is better off without Dez, and Dez’s confidence has taken a hit.

What can be even more powerful then confidence is motivation. Bryant has made it known he is tired of the talk and ready to show what he has left on the football field.

Now, after a meeting with owner Jerry Jones, the Cowboys franchise has cut him, meaning he will have to prove his talent once more. And for the first time out of the blue and white, why not some red and black? Here is why the Atlanta Falcons would be a perfect fit for Dez Bryant.

Imagine for a moment a Falcons offense with Dez Bryant on one side and Julio Jones on the other. Bryant would be under significantly less pressure, giving him a great chance to bounce back. While for the Falcons, they would be adding another much-needed weapon on the offensive side.

However, there is one problem. With their current cap space, the Falcons are dangerously low on the type of money that could attract a former superstar. A compelling counter, that Dez is willing to take less money to be paired with Julio Jones.

For a wide receiver who has come across as selfish to the public in past, it is hard to see it working out. Regardless, should the Falcons choose to pursue Dez, he could be a powerful piece to complete the Falcon offense.

Bryant would benefit greatly from joining the Falcons.  Julio Jones is one of the best receivers in the NFL and would demand a team’s top corner, and a lot of double coverage, further improving Bryant’s chances of a bounce-back season in 2018.

Dez Bryant heading to Atlanta may be a long shot, but it is one the Falcons could benefit from. It is a move that would vault the Falcon offense back to the top of the League.

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A move that could finally help bring that elusive Super Bowl trophy back to the championship-starved fans of Atlanta.