Atlanta Falcons Opening Season Against Defending Champs


The Atlanta Falcons season will begin with a chance at revenge against the defending champs.  The Philadelphia Eagles will open their season with a visit from the Falcons in a rematch of last year’s playoff game.

One play to score or go home, and the Atlanta Falcons went home in last year’s playoffs losing 15-10. The eventual Super Bowl champion Eagles knocked Atlanta out of the playoffs and wiped away the hopes of the team winning an ever elusive championship.

The game was a hard-fought matchup, one where Atlanta’s defense left everything they had on the field. Limiting the Eagles offense to 15 points, the same Eagles offense who would go on to hang 41 points on the Super Bowl favorite Patriots.

Offensively, Atlanta looked lost and was stifled after finding success early. The playcalling was pathetic and the execution was equally disappointing. Still, the game came down to a single goal-line play.

What was called was a predictable rollout and pass to Julio Jones, a play that the Eagles read and easily stopped. Atlanta’s season ended and promised another year that we couldn’t put the 28-3 jokes to rest.

This season the Super Bowl will be played in Atlanta. Winning their first franchise championship in front of the home crowd would be well deserved and is the goal for this season. However, it is a goal that is going to be tough, with plenty of contenders in an ever-improving NFC.

No contender is better on paper than the defending champs themselves, and Atlanta will have a chance to set the tone opening week. After choking in the last game, Atlanta’s offense will have a chance to go into Philly and prove they belong in the national conversation.

The schedule that was released this week promises to be entertaining the first three weeks of the season. Atlanta will open with the aforementioned Philidelphia match-up, and then division rivals Carolina and New Orleans.

Three tough games against three projected contenders, these games could let the fans know quickly if this team is indeed a legitimate playoff contender again. You can find the full Falcon’s schedule here.

None of the three games will be bigger than opening week against the Eagles. While it may not mean as much for the celebrated champs, the Falcons need the confidence boost and quick start after last year’s disappointing performance.

Other highlights of the Falcon’s schedule includes a week 5 match-up against the Pittsburgh Steelers and a week 14 match-up against the Packers. Two cross-division games that promise fun for the fans.

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Overall the Falcons schedule is moderate one that starts out difficult but mellows with match-ups against the likes of the Browns and Bengals. Mark your calendars the Falcons will be back September 6th taking on the Eagles on Thursday Night Football.