Atlanta Sports: Some Questions To Answer Ahead of the 2018 NFL Betting Season

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 07: Vic Beasley Jr.
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 07: Vic Beasley Jr. /

The 2018 NFL betting season is almost here. Tune in for a look at some questions to answer that’ll help you make the most of this upcoming betting season. Here are some questions to answer before the 2018 NFL season rolls around.

As we patiently await the NFL draft to roll around, it is painfully obvious that we still have a bit to go before the 2018 NFL betting season takes off. Moreover, this means there are plenty of questions we have yet to answer about the upcoming season. And why should we answer them? Well, doing so can certainly help us make better NFL predictions, Atlanta Falcons predictions, and we get to score some bragging rights amongst friends. So, without further ado, here are some questions to answer before the 2018 season rolls around.

Is Lamar Jackson Being Undervalued?

It seems like every year NFL draft analysts underrate a certain quarterback. Last year it was Deshaun Watson, who was projected to be drafted after 24th. We all saw how well that turned out. And in the end, the Texans enjoyed plenty of success with Watson under center. So the question is: Will analysts make the same mistake and undervalue Lamar Jackson?

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By the looks of it, Jackson is already being written off. Despite being 2016’s Heisman winner, some NFL pundits claim that Jackson will be unable to transition into the NFL while others are quick to point to some errors in his collegiate career. However, it wouldn’t be shocking to see some early-round team call on Jackson. And if they do, it wouldn’t be shocking to see them enjoy success right away. After all, Houston did it last year and we saw rookie Dak Prescott take Dallas all the way to the playoffs.

Who Will New York Turn To?

The Giants were one of last year’s most controversial teams. Before the season kicked off, they were pegged as a potential playoff contender. But once the season started, locker room struggles quickly ruined the entire year. Now, with a new general manager, the question is who will New York turn to in the draft? The best running back is Saquon Barkley, who Eli Manning would love to have in his backfield. However, most NFL draft analysts agree that there are better options for New York. For starters they could set their eyes on who will be Manning’s eventual replacement. Either that or try to trade down.

Is there a Shortage at the Tackle Position?

There’s no question about it. In fact, the tackle position might be the one that needs the most help in the NFL. This is evident by Nate Soldier, the former Patriot who receives an extravagant salary from the Giants. Since there’s no abundance of talented tackles in the NFL, the best ones never make it to free agency. Therefore, they’re also amongst the highest paid players in the league. Furthermore, this year’s draft class doesn’t seem to be elite in the tackle position. Going forward, this means that teams that had problems protecting the quarterback last season will likely struggle in that department once again.

Who will be this year’s Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers entrance into the league is cemented in NFL draft history. Watching the young Rodgers squirm and sweat as nearly 90% of the league passed up on him was uncomfortable to say the least. So which player will get undeservingly passed on in this year’s draft? It’ll be either Josh Allen, Jackson or even Josh Rosen.