Atlanta Falcons Don’t Have Julio Jones Drama to Deal With

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 13: Wide receiver Julio Jones
PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 13: Wide receiver Julio Jones /

The Atlanta Falcons quiet off-season has been interrupted with the news Julio Jones would like a new contract. Despite this, there will be no drama between Jones and the Falcons.

For those who have followed the Atlanta Falcons since Julio Jones came into the League, they know what the receiver is about. Jones is about winning and being the best receiver he can. His wish for a new contract won’t change that.

Isn’t it interesting how we judge receivers and quarterbacks differently? Matt Ryan wants a new deal and to get paid and everyone lauds the move. Julio Jones wants a new contract and the receiver might be starting off-season drama.

It is a double standard for two players who both deserve big contracts. The Falcons will rework Julio Jones a new contract and ensure their star is happy.

Jones isn’t the diva receiver the media wishes he would be. Jones will do the right thing for himself and his team.

Off-season drama isn’t on the horizon for the best receiver in football. The Falcons and Jones will sit down and work out a new deal before the season begins.

Julio Jones isn’t going to cause drama it isn’t in his DNA. The receiver and the Falcons both know he is being underpaid. His deal has aged and it needs to be altered to help the Falcons and Jones long term.

For Jones, he is staying in shape and working hard to be ready for the season. Skipping OTA’s isn’t new for Jones and shouldn’t be newsworthy simply because of contract talks.

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Matt Ryan’s new contract is due to his success. Success Jones has played a huge part in creating for Matt Ryan. Now the receiver should get his due. It is time to update Jones’ contract and end the senseless talk of off-season drama.