Atlanta Falcons Offensive Coordinator Has a Lot to Prove in 2018

Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian of the Atlanta Falcons (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Offensive Coordinator Steve Sarkisian of the Atlanta Falcons (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator has a lot of questions to answer in the 2018 season. Steve Sarkisian was awful in 2017 and must make better calls in the upcoming season.

To say the Atlanta Falcons playcalling was criticized in 2017 would be an understatement. Steve Sarkisian took a lot of deserved heat for his poor playcalling decisions from the first to the final game of the season.

The most glaring playcalling issues were in the red zone where the Falcons struggled. It is where the season ended for a team who should have beaten the Eagles and would have likely earned a trip to the Super Bowl.

Steve Sarkisian had four chances to make calls to win the game against the Eagles and the plays he called were not great. On first down, he took a shot at the end zone that resulted in an incompletion. He followed that call with a slant and a horrible flip pass to the running back in the middle of the offensive line.

The slant wasn’t a bad call but should have been called on first down to get them closer to the end zone. The last call was a rollout pass to Julio Jones a play anyone could read from their couch and one the Eagles knew was coming.

This one set of plays shows how Sarkisian called the offense in 2017. He took an offense that was top in the NFL and made them inconsistent and less explosive. This season is a prove it year for Sarkisian.

If the team continues to struggle the Falcons won’t hesitate to make a change. They can’t, with all the talent on their roster to win in the playoffs they must have an offensive coordinator they can trust.

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Steve Sarkisian best bring his best playcalling to the 2018 season. Because if he can’t improve he won’t stay in Atlanta. A team who should have the best offense in the League.