Atlanta Hawks Dennis Schroder Needs to Stay in Atlanta

CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 26: Dennis Schroder
CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 26: Dennis Schroder /

The Atlanta Hawks should stick with point guard Dennis Schroder despite his off-season. Dennis has speculated about possible trade destinations for himself and seems uninterested in developing his own game.

Dennis Schroder is the best player on the Atlanta Hawks. Say what you will about his locker room attitude or his other antics he is a good player. He should be focused on leading the Hawks and getting better not leaving a team he cannot lead.

Keeping him as opposed to trading him is the right move for a franchise who needs to remain watchable. Adding a top three pick in with John Collins, Dennis, and developing three-and-D player Taurean Prince will be a good unit to build from.

Asking for a trade hasn’t happened officially yet for Dennis, only speculation. The fact he even feels the need to speculate is laughable.

He is getting paid and the clear alpha of the Hawks. He is the best scorer and shot creator on the current roster. Spending time developing his own game should be where his focus is at.

The fact he is instead focused on picking possible fantasy trade destinations points to a lack of maturity.

The Hawks should tell Dennis he is staying put. Taking it a step further he should be told to work on his ugly three-point shot and improving the porous defense he plays, or rather doesn’t play.

His ability to attack the basket and create lanes and shots should be enough for the Hawks to build around him. He is just entering the prime of his career and should take a step forward in the season to come.

He needs to be focused on leading the Hawks and becoming a better player not whining about his first losing season.

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It is time for Dennis Schroder to grow up and take the reins of the team in Atlanta. If he can’t the Hawks may have no other choice but to trade their star player.