Atlanta Braves Bring Back Peter Bourjos Part Ways with Aaron Blair

ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 30: Peter Bourjos
ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 30: Peter Bourjos /

The Atlanta Braves made three roster moves this afternoon as they get ready for the series against the Washington Nationals. Moves that included bringing back familiar face Peter Bourjos.

Dustin Peterson’s time with the Atlanta Braves was short lived after he was swapped back down for Peter Bourjos.  Bourjos makes more sense for the Braves with the way the roster is currently shaking out.

Having a late inning pinch runner or a defensive replacement for Preston Tucker is ideal. While he may not bring the ability to hit Bourjos will lend a great glove and the ability to steal an occasional base to the bench.

The Braves parted ways with former prospect Aaron Blair to make room for Bourjos. The move isn’t surprising considering Blair’s struggles.

He hasn’t panned out and after shoulder surgery isn’t expected to pitch this season. Bringing him back once he is healthy could still be an option for the Braves.

For those interested Blair’s rehab will continue to be paid for by Atlanta as he tries to recover. A needed move for a team cutting a hurt player.

Blair has struggled in his career and may attempt a bullpen stint after the surgery. He is unlikely to find much work as a starter considering his struggles.

For Peterson, the cup of coffee in the Majors was a good experience for a young player who needs to be playing every day. With Preston Tucker and Charlie Culberson platooning there wasn’t enough AB’s for the young slugger.

Moving him back to Triple-A was the right decision for Peterson and the Braves. Bourjos will bring some bench value and skill set the team is lacking.

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The one concerning factor for the Braves will be their pinch-hitting options with Bourjos and Culberson on the bench are far from offensive minded. Ronald Acuna Jr. cannot return soon enough!