Atlanta Hawks Shopping Point Guard Dennis Schroder

CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 26: Dennis Schroder
CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 26: Dennis Schroder /

The Atlanta Hawks are shopping point guard Dennis Schroder. A move setting up the team for drafting a point guard?

Dennis Schroder is the Atlanta Hawks best offensive player and also their biggest problem. He has often had on the court displays of frustration and seemed unengaged and uninterested when he is sitting on the bench.

Still, he is the Hawk’s only true scorer and the news he could be on the move is concerning in some ways.   Put aside his attitude and look at his ability to play and score the basketball. He can attack the basket and initiate the offense at a high level.

Trading him should only be an option if the Hawks are sure the relationship cannot be repaired or if the team has a better replacement in mind. Personally, I believe this trade news is linked to Trae Young.

Young spent a good bit of time in Atlanta and it wasn’t any secret the Hawks really loved what they saw from the young prospect. Trading Dennis could be a move the Hawks are exploring in favor of adding Young.

If that is the case I would be a big proponent of any such deal. The problem is the Hawks have the third overall pick in the draft, taking Young at that point would likely be a reach.  The fact Dennis is on the market could point to the Hawks attempting to acquire another draft pick or trade up in the draft.

Young is the best shooter in the draft in my opinion. Watching him play I wouldn’t have any qualms taking him third overall. The NBA isn’t a League ruled by big men and defense anymore. It is all about the three and running the floor.

Young can do both of these things at a high level. Dennis meanwhile seems unhappy in Atlanta and might be better of being dealt if the two sides cannot make amends.

If the Hawks cannot find a deal for Dennis involving bringing Young to Atlanta they should forget trading their point man.   While his defense is suspect Dennis can initiate the offense well and averaged nearly 20 points last season.

His ability to score shouldn’t be easily moved regardless of a rebuild. If the Hawks move Dennis for anything aside from an equal point guard or an ability to draft Young it will be an obvious tanking move setting the franchise back another year.

Without Dennis, the Hawks roster is laughably bad.  John Collins and Taurean Prince are both nice young pieces but neither is capable of picking up the scoring load or creating their own shots.

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For the Atlanta Hawks to trade Dennis, Trae Young should be the goal with anything less being rejected.     More to come as this story develops as we close in on draft night.