Atlanta Hawks Draft Dennis Schroder’s Replacement in Trae Young


The Atlanta Hawks have drafted Dennis Schroder’s replacement in Trae Young. A move signaling Dennis is likely to be on the move.

Watching the Atlanta Hawks draft Trae Young, one move came to mind after taking in the pick. Dennis Schroder is likely on his way out of Atlanta after the Hawks went with Young as their first selection.

Young is an exciting player who comes with much less baggage then Dennis. Dennis has already talked about a possible trade this off-season and doesn’t appear to have the best attitude.

Watching him over the last two seasons as an Atlanta Hawks fan I have been disappointed. He looks uninterested on the bench often. Dennis would sit picking his fingernails as opposed to watching his teammates.

The fact Dennis has a rare ability to attack the basket and score has kept him in Atlanta. The Hawks drafting Young would seem to send the message the Hawks are likely to send Dennis to another team.

There isn’t enough room in Atlanta for them both and as a fan, I would hate to see Schroder’s poor attitude and actions affect Trae.

With his replacement drafted and in a Hawk’s uniform it might be time to pull the ripcord on Dennis and move on from the point guard.

If not for the attitude issues the Hawks should find a way to keep both Dennis and Young but with opposing attitudes and styles it would be surprising to see them keep both point men.

Young is a better shooter than Dennis as well as a better distributor. Dennis has the edge on defense and attacking the rim. Young is a new style point guard in his shooting style with the old style abilities to pass the ball and facilitate.

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Dennis Schroder better take note, his time in Atlanta is almost assuredly coming to an abrupt end.