Atlanta Braves In Need Of Bullpen And Closer Help

DENVER, CO - APRIL 7: Arodys Vizcaino
DENVER, CO - APRIL 7: Arodys Vizcaino /

The Atlanta Braves have been surprisingly good, so far this year. The Bullpen has been everything but fantastic.

The Atlanta Braves Bullpen has been plagued with injuries all year long, causing them to call up pitchers from Triple-A.  Though, even when the entire bullpen is healthy, they continue to allow opposing teams to trample all over them.  With that being said, it may be time for the Braves to make a move.

Atlanta blew a 3-1 lead in the top of the ninth inning to the Baltimore Orioles, who happen to be in a tie with the Kansas City Royals for the worst record in baseball. Baltimore ended up winning 10-7 in a 15 inning affair.  The Braves have done this several times this season, not necessarily all in the ninth inning, however, but many blown leads have been a big problem. Along with the inconsistent relief pitching, Arodys Vizcaino, the Closer for the Atlanta Braves, most recently placed on the 10-day DL, does not have the command and precision that many of the elite Closers around the league have.

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The trade deadline is just about a month away (July 31), and if the Braves stay consistent with what they are doing, they can find themselves in the playoffs.  However, the Bullpen is the only thing that is an eye-sore, and, ultimately, will prevent the Braves from going deep into the playoffs.  Thus, the Braves need to make a move either on or before the trade deadline.

With players like Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Cole Hamels, Kelvin Herrera, Chris Archer, and many more talented pitchers that may be on the trading block, the Braves would have to make a move in order to go far into the postseason.  Though the pitchers listed previously are all starters, they would give the entire Bullpen a huge boost, considering the fact that Julio Tehran and Brandon McCarthy have been inconsistent all season long.

Although none of the pitchers that were previously listed are Closers, that may have to wait for the offseason.  One notable Closer that will be a legitimate target for the Braves this offseason will be former Braves closer Craig Kimbrel.  Kimbrel, one of the most talented Closers in the MLB right now, may be reunited with the Braves and it may be the best, most wise move for the Braves this offseason.  Also, Kimbrel may very well be on the trading block as the trade deadline nears.  However, while the Boston Red Sox will most likely keep him, there is always a possibility if the Braves see eye-to-eye with the Red Sox.

Nonetheless, pitching help is needed for the Atlanta Braves Bullpen, and with no sign of progression for the current relief pitchers and Closers, the Braves organization may need to make a move.

The Atlanta Braves, now in the final stages of their rebuild, has the offense to make a deep and legitimate run in the postseason.  With the Bullpen being the only thing that may prove to be detrimental to the Braves, it isn’t time to rely on the young, inexperienced prospects to get the job done.

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It is the perfect time to bring in an elite pitcher that will teach and lead the way.