Potential Big Name Free Agents (Unrestricted) The Hawks Could Land!

Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images) /

Despite making 10 straight playoff appearances, the Atlanta Hawks failed to make last year’s postseason.

Despite making 10 straight playoff appearances, the Atlanta Hawks failed to make last year’s postseason. In fact, the 24-58 record Atlanta delivered last season was the worst they’ve had in nearly 14-years. Moving forward, there’s no question that the Hawks will be looking to return to playoff form. The only question is how do they get there. Naturally, the organization will be looking to bolster their ranks through both the draft and free agency. With that in mind, what are some potential big names Atlanta could land during this year’s free agency period?

Josh Huestis || Oklahoma City Thunder

Huestis caught some slack for his decision to go to the G league rather than join the NBA. Since he was drafted in the 1st round, many people didn’t understand and ultimately criticized the move. What’s worse is that Huestis didn’t show any promise through 2 seasons, once he decided to join the league. This culminated in OKC declining his 4th year player option in October of 2017. Notwithstanding that nasty streak, Huestis finally broke through in the 2017-18 season. Ultimately he helped bolster the Thunder’s defense and showed promise offensively.

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A big man, Huestis could help Atlanta out on defense. He’s a versatile player to say the least, which is what teams are looking for nowadays. As things stand right now, Huestis doesn’t bring much to the table offensively. That could change however, with the right development.

Jerami Grant || Oklahoma City Thunder

Another OKC player, Grant is one of the more undervalued players entering free agency unrestricted this summer. Ultimately, Grant could prove to be a steal for any club who signs him. He brings a dangerous versatility to both sides off the ball. He has experience across the court, playing everywhere in between small forward and center successfully. However, he doesn’t have the panache the media looks for in their NBA stars. That ultimately plays for Atlanta’s favor, as they’ll be able to lock him up for a smaller price than normal. At the end of the day, Grant’s versatility brings plenty of value to the table. The Hawks cannot go wrong in signing him.

Mario Hezonja || Orlando Magic

Hezonja is in a similar position as Huestis; a team denied their 4th year player option right before they had a breakout season. At 6’8”, Hezonja is certainly a player worth considering. Especially when accounting for his young age of 23. Although he wasn’t the flashiest player in Florida, he was still able to mount a successful offensive campaign for the Magic.

Hezonja could be a great addition for Atlanta, one they would get at a relatively low price. It’s unlikely that he will be any team’s top priority during free agency.

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Patrick McCaw || Golden State Warriors

McCaw is slated to become a restricted free agent, unlike the other names on this list. However, Golden State has too many stars and will have dire tax concerns heading into the summer. Therefore, it wouldn’t be shocking to see them cut McCaw and sent him into an unrestricted territory. McCaw has shown flashes of talent, despite not getting too many opportunities in Golden State. The only issue is his attitude, which is often critiqued for being too easily frustrated.

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Anyone of the above-listed names could potentially help the Falcons make the playoffs next season. At the same time, learning how to bet on NBA games online could help you make the most out of next year’s season!