Georgia Bulldogs Deserved Being Left Out of College Football Playoffs

Georgia Football, Jake Fromm (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Georgia Football, Jake Fromm (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /

The Georgia Bulldogs have been left out of the college football playoffs after their 35-28 defeat in the National Championship game. The Bulldogs and their fans feel somehow they deserved a spot they didn’t win.

Watching the Georgia Bulldogs in the final games of the season it was obvious they are one of the four best teams in college football. Forget who they were playing, or their record and pay attention to the eye test.

An eye test would tell you they are one of the four if not three best teams in football. They traded blows with the best team in football in the Crimson Tide, eventually losing 35-28.

Still fans felt if Georgia deserved a spot based on their talent. This reasoning may be true but so is the fact Georgia simply didn’t win enough games to deserve a spot in the playoffs.

Georgia’s three toughest games of the season were against Florida, LSU, and against Alabama in the SEC Championship. Out of those three games the Dawgs managed to win only one losing to both Alabama and LSU.

Forget the fact of how the Bulldogs looked down the stretch and look at their record. Their most impressive game for the playoff committee to consider was their last loss to Alabama.

To recap what was a painful game for Georgia they gave up not one, but two fourteen point leads in the game. The fourth quarter was a painful choke that included an infamous fake punt attempt in the middle of the field.

It was a terrible and telegraphed fake that the Tide easily sniffed out and defended.  When your most impressive game of the season is a loss with iffy coaching decisions and a lead being choked away your team shouldn’t be put in the top four teams in the nation.

As painful as it may be for Dawg’s fans to admit, deep down they know the committee made the right decision.

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Kirby Smart and the Bulldogs will continue to improve in 2019 with a young core that will have even more motivation to take down the Alabama dynasty that continues to dominate college football.