Atlanta Falcons Prepare For Meaningless Season Finale Amid Rumors

Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan, Mohamed Sanu (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan, Mohamed Sanu (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta Falcons are getting ready for their season finale this Sunday against the Tampa Bay Bucs. It is a meaningless game the Falcons should lose to help with draft positioning.

Watching the Atlanta Falcons this season has pointed to one fact, something has to change in Atlanta. Whether it is coaching changes or personnel the Falcons were terrible in clutch situations this season.

Forget the injuries and look at who Atlanta had on the field and who was coaching the team. Five games this season came down to a single play for the Falcons. A single play Atlanta fails to make every single time despite a relatively healthy offense.

There shouldn’t be any question the Falcons ineptitude in late game situations is obvious and demands change. Atlanta must view this finale as their last game before significant changes began to get underway.

At the least it is time to fire the offensive coordinator and make changes along the offensive line.  While all Georgia teams (outside of Atlanta United) seem to lack a clutch gene in late game situations the Falcons have been remarkably bad this season.

With a franchise quarterback and one of the two best receivers in the League, Atlanta has no excuses for the terrible season they put together. While injuries played a role in their struggles Atlanta still had the chance to salvage their season and failed.

It is time for Atlanta to focus on building a team that can compete for a Super Bowl and help wipe away the 28-3 joke that the Falcons have become. Changes must happen if Atlanta wants to win in the 2019 season.

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Owner Arthur Blank must make tough decisions to help turn this team back in the right direction. Sunday’s matchup against Tampa should be interesting to watch as Atlanta gets ready to head into an off-season full of questions.