Stephen A Smith Gives His Top Five Atlanta Athletes of All-Time

With the Super Bowl being hosted in Atlanta Stephen A Smith and a myriad of other sports personalities are in Atlanta for the week. Today Smith gave his list of Atlanta’s top athletes of all-time.

Atlanta sports may very well be cursed, but we have had our share of amazing athletes. Today Stephen A Smith released his top five Atlanta Athletes of all-time.  They were in the following order:

  1. Hank Aaron
  2. Deion Sanders
  3. Evander Holyfield
  4. Dominique Wilkins
  5. Michael Vick

The list is surprisingly accurate and a testament to the great athletes Atlanta has been able to watch.

As much as I have tried to find fault, Stephen A Smith is surprisingly spot on.  Any list of top Atlanta athletes should be headed by the legend that is Hank Aaron.  Aaron faced challenges in his career and responded by setting the home run record at the time.

It was only in a PED age that his records begin to be broken.  Sanders is great in his own right and arguably the best corner ever to play.

Holyfield and Wilkins should be switched in my opinion, but both had great careers. Wilkins was the human highlight reel, making a sports town out of Atlanta and giving fans something to cheer for.

Holyfield was an amazing boxer and one of the greatest fighters of our lifetime.  Michael Vick’s career may have fallen off track but there isn’t any question he belongs on this list.

Vick was the Atlanta offense for the majority of his time in Atlanta. Vick created plays and kept the offense in the game with his legs.

Looking back at how bad some of the rosters were around Vick, show just how much he carried this team.

Overall Stephen A was surprisingly on point giving a complete list of Atlanta’s best athletes. The only notable omissions would be Chipper Jones and Julio Jones both of whom could argue for a spot over Vick.

Regardless, it was a solid list, one that allows Atlanta fans to think on something aside from the continued lack of championships in Atlanta.