Atlanta Braves Listed as a Finalist for J.T. Realmuto

The ongoing trade sage of J.T. Realmuto is yet to meet its end. The Atlanta Braves were listed as one of four “finalists” as Miami supposedly nears trading their incumbent catcher.

The Atlanta Braves and J.T. Realmuto have seemingly been linked for over a year now. It hasn’t been any secret the Braves have been interested and now the Marlins may or may not have narrowed it down to four finalists.

It seems every other day a rumor emerges that the Marlins are nearing a decision with Realmuto. With a new team closing in on the catcher or the Marlins narrowing the list.

This week the Reds, Padres, Braves, and Dodgers are the list the Marlins have Realmuto’s next location narrowed to.

The fact these rumors keep emerging while the Braves other transactions remain quiet is sending a message. Miami is likely leaking this information continuing to posture hoping to up the bidding of any interested team.

While it isn’t a bad strategy it is beginning to become a tired one. Realmuto has been on the market for so long now the rumors surrounding him are becoming little more than daily noise.

Noise it is hard to make sense of or translate into actual facts. For the Braves it seems likely they remain a finalist from the offer they gave earlier in the winter. Miami meanwhile, continues to posture hoping the Braves will include a current position player.

The fact the Braves continue to be interested in Realmuto can’t be good news for Tyler Flowers. With hometown hero Brian McCann completing the current catching tandem it seems all but a foregone conclusion Flowers would be the odd man out.

Realmuto would improve the lineup and provide clarity as to who could hit in the middle of the order. But with the position already filled the Braves should only pull the trigger if the deal doesn’t involve a current position player.

Otherwise, it is a mistake they will quickly regret. More to come as the off-season drama surrounding J.T. Realmuto continues.