Atlanta Falcons Counting on Injury Prone Devonta Freeman to Bounce Back

Atlanta Falcons Devonta Freeman Ryan Schraeder (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons Devonta Freeman Ryan Schraeder (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta Falcons need to establish a better running game next season. Devonta Freeman’s health will have a huge impact on how good the Falcons can be next season.

Devonta Freeman missed all but two games last season the Atlanta Falcons obviously missed his contributions. Freeman is a 1,000-yard+ rusher a season when he can stay healthy. His health is quickly becoming a concern for Atlanta.

Freeman’s contract prevents the Falcons from moving on without taking a huge cap hit. Paying Freeman wasn’t a mistake as of yet but it may prove to be if he cannot stay healthy.

Freeman is a confident player and one of my personal favorites to watch. He is a joystick when he is healthy making jump cuts and running over linebackers with recklessness.

It is that recklessness that has left some questions as to whether Freeman can remain productive. He has struggled with injuries over the past few seasons and now needs a bounce-back year.

The Falcons need him badly considering their ineptitude at running the football last season. Freeman’s absence was badly felt and now the team needs him to establish a running game.

Freeman may be the most impactful player on offense next season outside of Matt Ryan. How well his season goes will have a huge impact on how the season goes offensively for Atlanta.

If he can return to form it is hard not to see Atlanta become a top-five offense. With their offensive line being improved this off-season and one of the deepest offensive rosters in football a balanced attack will put the Falcons back at the top of the League.

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Devonta Freeman must find a way to get back to the player he is capable of being. If not the Falcons are set for another season of struggles on offense.