Atlanta Falcons Cannot Keep Waiting on Vic Beasley to Generate Production

Atlanta Falcons, Vic Beasley (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons, Vic Beasley (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Vic Beasley has had one great season for the Atlanta Falcons. Aside from one impressive season Beasley had disappointed and failed to produce much less live up to expectations.

Vic Beasley’s time with the Atlanta Falcons should come to an end after a disappointing run with Atlanta. Drafted as a potential elite edge rusher Beasley has been anything but for the majority of his career.

Out of his four seasons only once has Beasley been productive. The other three he has had 5.5 sacks or less and was often bullied on the line.

Being undersized is a problem for Beasley, who often seems to bullrush a much bigger opponent. His inability to get consistent pressure and his large cap hit means his time in Atlanta should come to an end.

The only option for Beasley to stay in Atlanta would be if the Falcons choose to rework his contract. Leaving his contract as currently constructed would be a huge mistake for Atlanta.

Beasley is also a great example of why players need to be allowed to play a sample size before judging just how good they can be.

His one good season was the outlier a fact that is obvious to those who have watched the Falcons since he joined the roster. It is time to cut Beasley and sign an edge rusher who can cause consistent problems.

Beasley’s inability to adjust his mechanics or pass rushing style make him predictable. This is unlikely to change without a change of scenery for the lineman.

Another option would be to play Beasley at linebacker allowing him the chance to rush from a different position. Using him at linebacker can be effective, though his coverage abilities are average at best.

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Overall it seems the best move for both sides to move on. Giving Atlanta a chance to sign an impact rusher who can help Atlanta take their defense to the next level.