Atlanta Falcons: Julio Jones’ Best Catch From Every Season So Far

Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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Julio Jones Rookie Season Finally Gets off to Flying Start

2011 stats- 54- Receptions 959-Yds 8-TD’s 

This is the first game in my eyes that showed clearly what was to come for Julio Jones.  He may have touched the ball limited times but every time he handled the football it was a big play for the Falcons.

The best catch of his rookie season can be seen above when he catches a deep touchdown throw from Matt Ryan. Laying out and scooping the ball inches above the turf and rolling in for the score.

I have watched this highlight countless times and am still unsure of exactly how Julio had time to both see and catch this ball. The instincts and reaction time for this catch are ridiculous making it the best catch of Julio’s rookie season.

The only other argument would be a catch against Tampa Bay in which Julio rips the ball away from the defender before falling down getting back up and rushing for the endzone.

Based on the degree of difficulty this catch, still wins out, however, and is what put Julio Jones on the map in the NFL.

Interesting side note here, whatever happened to Julio’s dreads? Perhaps we could see them make a comeback…   On with the countdown.