Atlanta Falcons: Julio Jones’ Best Catch From Every Season So Far

Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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Julio Jones Shows Just How Good of a Big Game Player He Is

2012 stats- 79-Receptions- 1,198 YD’s-10-TD’s

A case could be made that Julio’s best catch of his sophomore season was a regular season toe-tapping touchdown against the Redskins. However, considering the stakes and just how big of a factor he was in this game I have to go with the 2nd quarter touchdown against the 49ers.

It was a game that ended like many Falcons fans have grown accustomed to with blown chances and broken Super Bowl dreams. But none of this can be laid at the feet of Jones who gave the team everything he had in this game.

Scoring two early touchdowns Jones was dynamic throughout the game and helped give the Falcons a chance to go the Super Bowl. In retrospect perhaps it is better the Falcons lost in this round considering how much better the Ravens (The eventual AFC champs) were at the time.

This was a game for 2nd place, one the Falcons came up short in though it was no fault of Jones. His touchdown catch in the 2nd quarter is still one of the best plays of his career with the corner draped on him catching it and getting his feet down in the back of the endzone in a high-pressure game easily makes this the best play of his 2012 season.