Atlanta Falcons: Julio Jones’ Best Catch From Every Season So Far

Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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Julio Jones is Still a Monster and Sanu Can Actually Throw a Deep Ball?

2017 Season-88-Reception- 1,444-YD’s-3-TD’s

I have a love/hate relationship with this play considering the unhealthy discussions it started among Falcon’s fans. So let me preface this play with a couple of facts. First, Matt Ryan can throw a deep ball and secondly Sanu throws a rainbow that Julio runs underneath.

Now that we have that established on to one of the few creative plays we saw called during the 2017 season.   Sanu throws a deep rainbow Julio runs under and slides into the endzone for the touchdown.

This play is easily Julio’s best based simply on the creativity and the fact it was a wide receiver who threw him the ball…

Jones was having yet another monster season as the Falcons got back into the playoffs and came up just short against the Eagles and the magic of Nick Foles.  Which reminds me is it odd I am less afraid of the 2019 Eagles with Carson Wentz?   Foles seemingly breathes magic that will now disappear with the Jaguars.

But back to the play at hand, Julio was an absolute monster picking up right where he left off in 2016 continuing to prove he is the best receiver in the League.