Atlanta Falcons: Julio Jones’ Best Catch From Every Season So Far

Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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Julio Jones Finds the Endzone and the NFL Finds Another Subject to Cover

2018 Stats-113-Receptions -1,677-YD’s-8 TD’s 

The NFL media’s fascination with Julio Jones’ lack of touchdowns over the last two season’s was perhaps the high point of last season for Atlanta.  With Jones lack of scores, it almost seemed as if he were being given extra attention in the red zone and Ryan was throwing to the open man…

A fascinating concept that seemed to escape the rest of the NFL who seemed only interested in Julio’s stat line.

So when Julio got a chance to score and quiet the questions that were being asked he did just that. Fighting through a would be tackler and stumbling his way into the endzone. It was an impressive catch and ended the talk about his inability to score.

It allowed the Falcons to shift their focus back to answering questions about the dismal and disappointing season at hand…

Ending the discussion on his lack of touchdowns on this play may have been the highlight of this Falcon’s season. While admittedly harsh it is hard to see any upside to this 2018 injury marred team who could neither compete nor tank.

But all of this is beside the point, Julio Jones continued to show he is the best receiver in the League in 2018 and showed zero signs that he is slowing down.