Atlanta Braves Still Need to Make a Move Despite Sweeping Cubs

The Atlanta Braves completed a sweep of the Chicago Cubs on Thursday night and are now headed into a weekend series against the Marlins. Despite the sweep, Atlanta still should make a move to improve their bullpen.

The Atlanta Braves swept the Chicago Cubs in impressive fashion, including their first comeback game of the year.  A routine for the Braves at this point, their late-inning comebacks nothing aside from a normal game for Atlanta.

The Braves completed the sweep with a 9-4 blowout win and will now turn their attention to the Miami Marlins. While Atlanta might be encouraged by the sweep there is still plenty of reason to add to their current roster.

Winning three games in a row might be encouraging but it hasn’t taken away the fact the Atlanta bullpen isn’t good.   Conveniently the Cubs have an equally horrible pen that allowed Atlanta to come back or keep their leads late in games.

Still, Atlanta must address their bullpen issues if they hope to be a contender this season. There doesn’t appear to be one arm in the bullpen the Braves know they can count on.

The bullpen hands out walks freely and are yet to prove they can hold a close game.  Adding at least one bullpen arm is a must for a team who has the potential to be a true contender in the National League.

The Braves will have a great chance to make up ground on the Phillies and Mets this weekend. The Mets will play the Nationals and the Phillies will take on the Twins, while Atlanta has the Marlins coming to town.

The Marlins are the doormat of the National League East and should allow the Braves a great chance to continue their winning streak. A winning streak that will only continue for a short time if Atlanta continues to ignore a leaky bullpen.  More to come as the Braves season continues to get underway.