Atlanta Hawks Potential Number One Pick Zion Williamson

Atlanta Hawks, Zion Williamson (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks, Zion Williamson (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /
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Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta Hawks, Zion Williamson (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /


The number one weakness that Zion Williamson has in his game is three-point shooting. He showed some improvement in the area, shooting 33.8 percent. That was actually a better percentage than his teammate shooting guard R.J. Barrett, who shot 30.8 percent from downtown. The fact that Zion shot just 64 percent from the free throw line, means that NBA coaches will likely need to rework his shot form to some degree, in order for Zion to become a significantly better perimeter shooter. He will certainly need to improve in this area, to allow his amazing driving ability to be most effective. He will also need to be surrounded by as many shooters as possible, in order for him to have the proper spacing to be at his best.

The other main question about Zion Williamson is the position he will play. Offensively he should be able to play every position in the front court, but the shooting is an issue at small forward. Defensively though he is quick enough, there is a question on rather Zion has the footwork to defend NBA wing players at this time. When playing power forward or center, there is a question on rather he is long enough to stop players from posting him up. Most of his shot blocks come as a weak side help defender. Zion also has to be more disciplined on the defensive end, as he has a tendency to gamble for steals too often. On offense he had a tendency to turn the ball over sometimes, by trying to be too spectacular with his passes. He also needs to refine his post moves, rather than relying on pure power and athletic ability to score inside.

Another concern with Zion Williamson is his weight. He weighs 285 pounds and will have to be careful to watch his weight, once an NBA contract allows him to afford to eat the best tasting foods that life has to offer. Zion suffered some minor knee injuries in high school, as well as the previously mentioned knee injury at Duke. Being an athlete unlike anyone we have ever seen, there is a question as to rather his body can cold up to the rigors of an 82 game schedule, plus the playoffs.


Zion Williamson is a phenomenal athlete. Never before has there been a man 285 pounds, with his combination of speed, power and explosion. He has elite change of direction ability and moves like a guard. Williamson handles the ball extremely well. He has a quick crossover, along with an in and out dribble, that combines with a lightning quick first step to make it difficult for defenders to keep Zion from blowing past them. He has great moves going to the basket and is able to euro-step, shoot floaters, and change hands when attacking the basket. He is an elite finisher, who attacks the rim with a ferocity never before seen. The closest comparison power wise would be LeBron James.

Despite his lack of outside shooting causing players to play off of him, Zion Williamson is still able to beat most defenders to the basket. He is simply too strong for most small forwards and too quick to be defended by most power forwards and centers. Defending Zion with a guard is unthinkable. He will help his team get many attempts at the foul line, while also getting opponents in foul trouble. Williamson is also an excellent cutter. He uses his speed, athletic ability and great timing, to make his way towards the rim. He is also a willing passer, who has the potential to be a very good playmaker given time to develop.

Defensively Zion Williamson is a high energy, high effort player. His motor runs hot and he gives 100 percent effort at all times. Combining his effort and speed, he is able to beat most big men up the floor in transition. This effort along with his athletic talent and impeccable timing, also help him be an outstanding rebounder. He is a very good help defender, both at protecting the basket from the weak side and stealing passes in the passing lanes. When Zion does steal the ball it’s nearly a guaranteed highlight, as he is elite at turning defense into offense.

Zion Williamson is a very versatile player, that is able to play both forward positions with ease. He can also play center in a small ball lineup, while still offering a rim protector that most teams don’t have on the floor when they go small. He’s able to be both the ball handler and roll man in the pick and roll. Zion is also humble and a good teammate. He sets the example with his willingness to hustle, despite his superstar status.

This highlight reel of every Zion Williamson dunk this season, shows his unreal athletic ability and power. It is provided by the ESPN YouTube channel: