Braves End Road Trip On High

The Braves beat the Diamondbacks 5-3 to end their road trip today. The win today improved the Braves road trip record to 6-4. After the Dodgers sweep and losing their first game to the Diamondbacks, the end of the road trip was looking great for the Braves. Yet, Atlanta was able to win three out of four from the Diamondbacks to go back home on a high note. The Braves continue to be a very up and down team, winning three, then losing four, then winning three again. Atlanta can’t find any consistency on the field, and until they do, this team will continue to trail the Phillies.

This Braves team has been so frustrating to watch this season. At certain points, this team looks unbeatable with a mix of good offense and solid pitching. Other points of the season, like in the Dodgers series, the Braves look like a young, inexperienced team with no chance of competing against the elite teams of the National League. It’s still early enough in the season to get a more solid footing, but it’s an issue that needs to be solved sooner than later.

In the middle of the road trip, the Braves were on a four-game losing streak. In Arizona, Brian Snitker decided to shake the lineup up by putting Acuna at the top of the order and moving Josh Donaldson to the cleanup spot. The Braves went on to win the last three games of the series, with Acuna at the leadoff spot. It’s a move that didn’t make the offense explode, but gave a new look to opponents while invigorating things up among the Braves. I have no idea what Snitker plans to do in the future with the lineup, but if this lineup is leading to more success, he has to see it out as long as it’s producing results.

The Braves have been making moves according to what needs to be addressed. Moves like Sean Newcomb going to the minors and coming back to the bullpen. Or A.J. Minter going down and letting Luke Jackson be the closer for the time being. Moving the lineup when the offense looked stale and putrid. This team is a work in progress and the Braves are going to have to figure this thing out on the fly. There are moves out there to be made. Madison Bumgarner would cost a king’s ransom, but the Braves were on his trade list. The elusive Craig Kimbrel is still on the market. I don’t see the Braves making either of those moves, but lesser moves will be made to improve this team. The Braves will take their time before making a move. Let’s just hope they don’t wait too long.