Atlanta Hawks Among Teams Hoping to Land Zion Williamson

Atlanta Hawks, Zion Williamson (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks, Zion Williamson (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

Zion Williamson is a perfect match for the Atlanta Hawks system and their shortcomings. He would give the team size and a much needed threat at the rim. The NBA draft order will be determined in tomorrow night’s lottery event.

The Atlanta Hawks are hopeful that tomorrow night’s Draft Lottery will end with them owning the first pick and the ability to draft Zion Williamson. Not since LeBron James has there been so much hype around a player coming into the NBA Draft.

Zion is the first pick in this year’s draft no matter with which team the pick lands. He is easily the draft’s most impressive prospect and is a solid defender and explosive near the rim.

He isn’t a very good jump shooter meaning the team he lands with will need to put shooters around the first year forward.  The Hawks would perfectly fit with Zion considering their team first approach and their three-point shooting ability.

If the Hawks land this year’s first pick in the draft they will draft Zion and become an even more attractive location for this year’s free agent class.

Zion to Atlanta is a dream scenario that is unlikely to happen. The Hawks have a slim chance of winning this year’s top pick. It seems more likely the team can improve in free agency and with a mid-first round pick.

They will also have a chance to take the Mavericks first rounder dependent on the lottery results. Best case scenario for the Hawks will be landing the first pick in the draft along with another top ten pick and the ability to add a top free agent.

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Atlanta’s rebuild is finally over as Atlanta switches their focus to building around a young core led by emerging star Trae Young. More to come as the NBA Draft Lottery results near.