NBA Draft Lottery Will Determine Hawks Future

Atlanta Hawks, Lloyd Pierce (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks, Lloyd Pierce (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The NBA Draft Lottery will take place on Tuesday night. That is when the Atlanta Hawks will have all eyes on the order that determines if the team will have one pick in the first round, or two. It’s all about how the ping-pong balls fall. If they fall in favor of the Hawks, they could have their own pick, and the Dallas Mavericks pick. If the ping-pong balls don’t fall in the favor of Atlanta, the Hawks could be in for a big-time disappointment.

The Hawks finished with a record of 29-53, fifth worst in all of the NBA. This means the Hawks will have the fifth-best odds to jump into the top-four picks. The Hawks will have a 10.5% chance of jumping into the top-four of the draft. After the top-four, the odds decrease to 2.2% of landing the fifth-pick. The sixth-pick odds improve to 19.6%. The seventh-pick odds are 26.7%, the best odds for any of the picks the Hawks could obtain.

Also, the Hawks are in possession of the Mavericks first-round pick, if the pick falls out of the top-five. The most likely odds for the Dallas pick is at the ninth spot, where the odds are at 46%. The tenth-pick odds are at 24.3%. After the tenth-pick, the odds for Dallas’s first-round pick fall less than 3%. The Hawks are hoping and praying that the Mavs pick will stay out of the top five so the team can continue to build up through the draft. If the Mavs pick stays in the top-five, the draft choice will move to next season.

The Hawks and their fans are obviously hoping for a miracle, along with every other team that is in the Draft Lottery. A miracle would mean the number-one-overall pick and a jersey with Williamson on the back of it. There is a chance, a slim one, but a chance nonetheless for the Hawks to be that team lucky enough to land the once-in-a-generation player in Zion Williamson. I’m not getting my hopes up, but we all are allowed to dream big. Watching Zion play in Atlanta is a big dream.

The Hawks will, again, use Jami Gertz, Tony Ressler’s wife, and co-owner, as the team representative at the Lottery tomorrow. This is two-years in a row for Gertz, who was a bit of a good luck charm last season when she was there to accept the third-pick in last season’s Draft Lottery. That pick landed up Trae Young, a player who has worked out so far. Maybe tomorrow will be another winner for Gertz and the Hawks.

The Draft Lottery will take place at 8:30 on Tuesday night, in Chicago. ESPN will be airing the order of the Draft results. It’s going to be a tense situation until all the order is determined. Stay tuned in for more coverage after we know where the Hawks will be picking in the NBA Draft.