Atlanta Hawks: Kevin Porter Jr. is a Player to Target

Atlanta Hawks, Kevin Porter Jr. #4 (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks, Kevin Porter Jr. #4 (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /
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Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta Hawks, Tony Ressler, owner (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /


Kevin Porter Jr. has the potential to be an explosive NBA scorer. His change of pace dribble along with his athleticism, help him get by lost defenders with ease. Porter Jr. posses a vast repertoire of dribbling moves, that allow him to go where he wants to on the court with the basketball. He is able to finish dunks with authority when he gets to the paint. Kevin also has good body control and is able to switch hands at the rim to avoid opposing shot blockers. He is also able to take advantage of smaller players in the post. Kevin Porter Jr. is a good shooter from both mid range and three-point territory. He has the ability to get hot and string together multiple makes in a row. Porter Jr. shows decent court vision, with the ability to develop into a good passer as well. Translation offense is where Porter excels the most, as he is a dangerous man in the open floor. On the defensive side of the court, Porter is a decent defender who shows effort, though he is unlikely to ever be a perimeter defensive stopper.


Like many of this year’s draft prospects, the potential is there for Kevin Porter Jr., but the production is lacking. This leaves NBA teams like the Atlanta Hawks to try to project what he can be, even more so than is normal with a young prospect. Though Kevin Porter Jr. certainly posses the physical upside to be a great player at the next level, his college suspension has called into question rather he is mentally mature enough for the challenge of the NBA. On the court Porter can sometimes be too fancy, often going for the highlight shot or pass, rather than simply making the best basketball play. He has a tendency become too isolation oriented, over dribbling and stopping the basketball. He also needs to improve his shot selection. Learning to play off ball will be key to Porter Jr. becoming a regular NBA player. Though he shoots the ball well, Kevin Porter Jr. has a unorthodoxed release. This could be a reason why he shoots a surprisingly low 52 percent from the free throw line. NBA coaches will have to decide if changing Porter’s shot, which could make him a better free throw shooter, is worth the risk of messing up his great shooting from the field. Defensively though Porter plays hard, he needs to improve his footwork. He also has a tendency to lose focus of his man when playing off ball. Defense will be what determines rather Kevin Porter Jr. will be an NBA starter, or a microwave scorer off the bench for a squad.

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