#Falcons DE Vic Beasley feels ‘no pressure at all’ ..."/>
#Falcons DE Vic Beasley feels ‘no pressure at all’ ..."/>

Vic Beasley Feeling “No Pressure At All” For Upcoming Season

Atlanta Falcons, Vic Beasley Jr. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons, Vic Beasley Jr. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /

The controversy for Vic Beasley has moved from his attendance to what he is saying to the media now. Vic says he feels, “no pressure at all” getting prepared for the season. Should he feel the pressure?

It makes sense Vic isn’t feeling pressured about his upcoming season. After two abysmal years where Beasley record 10 sacks in two combined seasons, the Falcons picked up his fifth-year option, an option that will pay Beasley 12 million dollars for the upcoming season. That 12 million dollar jump is up from 2 million for last season, a significant raise. At most workplaces, when an employee is performing poorly on a consistent basis, they aren’t rewarded with raises, even if the contract is already in place. It would be more normal for said employee to feel pressure to live up to that type of money. For Beasley though, he feels no pressure for the upcoming season, a season that could prove to be his make or break season concerning where his next contract will be coming from.

It’s also likely, very likely, Beasley is just blowing smoke to perpetuate an image of cool, calm, and collected. I don’t buy that, but it’s a possibility to consider. Maybe Beasley is the kind of player who doesn’t operate at his full capacity with the pressure of the world on his shoulders. It’s possible. If taking the pressure off of himself is the key to rediscovering his 2016 form, then, by all means, take the pressure off yourself. Finding that 2016 form again is essential, however.

A question I have asked myself when thinking about Vic Beasley is, what would be a good season for him that would keep the critics off his back the upcoming season. Would five sacks suffice even if Beasley can ramp up his pressures and QB hits? Yeah, that would help, but Falcons fans want the sacks from Beasley. Beasley has shown us what he is capable of, but it’s starting to look more like a flash in the pan than the actual player he is on the field. The sacks are what Falcons fans are looking for from Vic Beasley.

This Vic Beasley season is starting out vexing to some Falcons fans. Beasley, a player who is in desperate need of a good season, has either been a no-show or is acting like he’s a carefree player with no pressure on him to have a better season than his last two. To me, that just shows me that Beasley is still out of touch with reality or just doesn’t care about football as much as we, as Falcons fans, all want him to. If Vic Beasley starts the season slowly, we will all look back at this time and say that he didn’t care enough. If the opposite happens, and Vic has 6 sacks through the first 4 games, all will be forgiven and forgotten. Beasley not feeling pressure in preparation of what, might be, the most important season of his career is troubling. Beasley should be doing everything he can to get his mind in the right place for the upcoming season. Let’s hope Beasley found his 2016 mindset during this offseason, If not, we all could be in more another long Vic Beasley season.