Atlanta Hawks: Atl All Day Mock Draft 3.0, Best Case Scenario

Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /
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Atlanta Hawks
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Colin’s Corner on the Next Ones YouTube channel tells us why Dylan Windler is seeing his draft stock rise.

<h5>6’8 240 • Tennessee</h5> <h6>2018: Pts:18.8 ORB:2.2 REB:7.5 APG:3.2 STL:1.1 BLK:1.5 FG%:56 4 2P%:59.3 3P%:32.6 FT%:81.9</h6> <p>The Cleveland Cavaliers took Darius Garland with the fifth pick in our mock draft, so now they turn their attention to the front court. With the amount of games that power forward Kevin Love typically misses annually, finding a power forward with the potential to play right away should be high on the Cavs list. Two time SEC player of the year Grant Williams is NBA ready. He’s an undersized, ball handling power forward in the mold of Draymond Green. He’s a good passer and adequate at making open spot up threes. Williams is a scrappy hard-nosed defensive player. He is chiseled and strong, but is not a great athlete. Grant Williams needs to improve on the boards to live up to the comparisons he’s getting to Draymond.</p>. Power Forward. Cleveland Cavaliers. Grant Williams. 26. player. 156

The Basketball Writers gives us a summary of Grant Williams strengths in the following video:

The Basketball Writers gives us the weaknesses of Grant Williams in this YouTube video:

Nicolas Claxton. 27. player. 147. <h5>7’0 217 • Georgia</h5> <h6>2018: Pts:13 ORB:2.3 REB:8.6 APG:1.8 STL:1.1 BLK:2.5 FG%:46.0 2P%:50.9 3P%:28.1 FT%:64.1</h6> <p>The Brooklyn Nets are finally on the clock after moving pick 17 to the Atlanta Hawks in the Allen Crabbe, Taurean Prince trade. The Nets are loaded with young wings and are emerging as the favorites to land point guard Kyrie Irving in free agency. They found their rim protector late in the 2017 draft in center Jarrett Allen. What’s missing is a big man who can stretch the floor, when spelling Allen as well as playing in a bigger lineup with him. Georgia Bulldogs center Nicholas Claxton shows potential as a stretch big. He doesn’t shoot the three at high clip now, making just over 30 percent of his shots from downtown. However Nic has a nice shot form and he should see more outside shots go down, the stronger he gets, despite his low free throw percentage. Claxton has the skill set desired of a big man in today’s modern NBA. He not only can post up, he also handles the ball well. He even has displayed the ability to be the ball handler in a pick and roll situation. Claxton also shows very good potential as a passer. He’s a solid rebounder and a very good rim protector. Once Nic Claxton matures and puts on more muscle, he has the upside to one day be a starting NBA center.</p>. Center. Brooklyn Nets

Nic Claxton is yet another player who did workout for the Atlanta Hawks. Draft Express highlighted the defensive ability of Claxton in the following tweet:

The Basketball Writers highlight the pros of Claxton in this video.

They also look at the areas that Claxton needs to improve on, in this YouTube video.