NBA Draft Rumors For Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks, Lloyd Pierce (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks, Lloyd Pierce (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The NBA Draft is this Thursday at 8 P.M., and with the draft coming up, the rumors for the Hawks are reaching a fever pitch. With three first-round picks, the Hawks are looking to move up in the draft.

The Hawks are starting high. The Knicks are sitting in the third spot, but didn’t want to budge when the Hawks offered their top-two picks. The Knicks, clearly, have their guy they want at 3 and don’t want to budge. The Pelicans, with the addition of the 4th pick from the Anthony Davis haul, are another potential trading partner for the Hawks.

Another option for the Hawks, Cleveland at the 5th spot. The only variation of this trade would be the Hawks keeping their own pick at 8 but trying to trade their other two picks to move up to the 5th spot in the draft. Another wrinkle is the Kevin Love move. That’s a player who doesn’t seem to fit the Hawks plans of staying in the rebuild, but the Hawks would be willing to speed up their rebuild process, or use Love as another trade chip to obtain further assets.

Whatever the Hawks decide to do, one thing is clear: the Hawks will be active on draft night. Travis Schlenk and the Hawks have their eyes on R.J. Barrett, Jarrett Culver, or De’Andre Hunter, or another player who would be off the board by the time the 8th pick comes around. If Schlenk has his eyes on a particular player  that would fit with the young core the Hawks have in place, then the move must be made. The Hawks have done a great job of building their coffer of assets, and now it is time to deploy some of those assets to good use. The rumors have been coming fast and heavy so stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the draft.