Atlanta Hawks: Trae Young is Like Michael Jordan

Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

The Burning Desire of Trae Young to Win

There is no denying that criticism and slights by the media, are a major motivating factor for Trae Young. However that not what drives him the most.

More than any individual accolades, Trae Young wants to bring championships (plural) to the city of Atlanta. He wants to participate in parades down Peachtree Street and is putting in the work to make that goal attainable.

Trae loves Atlanta want to make the Atlanta Hawks a top franchise. He has become a part of the city’s hip hop culture, being awarded with gift from Atlanta rappers, such as Quavo from Migos.

Bob Rathbun the Atlanta Hawks outstanding tv play-by-play analyst, spoke to Trae Young’s desire to win, recently on Around the ATL. He gave the following quote about Trae’s will to win:

"“He (Trae Young) wants to win and ain’t no messing around. He wants to win and he wants to win yesterday. So he’s not going to be one of those guys who is just going to be along for the ride and get good stats and all of that stuff. No no no. No! He wants to be in the playoffs.”"

The Work Ethic to Accomplish His Goals

I won’t go as far as to say that Trae Young has the same work ethic as Michael Jordan. Jordan’s work ethic is legendary among the sports world, as one of the best of all time. However Trae is clearly developing that level of commitment.

His draft scouting report said that he could not finish at the rim. Young responded by working hard and packing on 12 pounds of muscle before the NBA season started. He ended up shooting a more than respectable 56 percent within three feet of the basket.

Young plays with a log on his shoulder, due to having to overcome the  physical limitations of being smaller and the doubts that come with them, for his entire life. He has dealt with the media tuning on him. He perseveres but he never forgets.