Atlanta Falcons: Packers Coach Settles Fan Debate About Matt Ryan

Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /
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Why Matt Ryan Did Not Go Rogue

A major question within the debate when the fact the system doesn’t give quarterbacks freedom is mentioned, is why didn’t Matt Ryan just go rogue and audible anyway? By all accounts Ryan is a much more boisterous vocal leader, than he projects to be based off interviews.

The NFL helmet radio that allows communication between the quarterback and offensive coordinator, stays on until there is 15 seconds left on the play clock. So going rogue would have required the team oriented Ryan, to call an entirely different play in the huddle, while Kyle Shanahan and head coach Dan Quinn listened in.

Such a move could have caused major chaos, with coaches likely yelling expletives into their headsets. Once the Atlanta offense broke the huddle and the pre snap motion was complete, there were only seven seconds left on the play clock. Ryan received the snap with three seconds left. There was no time to audible post huddle.

We also must remember that Matt Ryan is a competitor. I am certain that in his mind, he felt confident that he could rip one more first down throw to put Atlanta into the red zone. That would have forced New England to start using their three timeouts.

There is also a high probability, that Ryan was looking to slam the door on the Patriots with a touchdown pass.

We will never know exactly what was said, during the 25 seconds that the helmet communication system was active prior to that play. The bottom like is, with the system Atlanta had in place, a major share of blame for that call should be on offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

Ultimately the finger should be pointed at Head Coach Dan Quinn for this debacle as well. I respect the fact that as a defensive coach by trade, he asks the offense to play a certain style, but does not interfere in play calling.

Yet there is an exception to every rule and a time for everything. In a career defining moment for him and a franchise defining moment for the Atlanta Falcons, Dan Quinn should have overruled that now infamous second down pass play called. Those are the types of decisions that coaches are paid the big bucks to execute correctly.

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Now that the debate is settled, its time to move forward with the business of redemption. With Matt Ryan nearly matching his 2016 numbers last season and major resources being invested into the offensive line during this offseason, the Atlanta Falcons offense should be dynamic again.

Having three starters returning from season ending injuries on defense and potential improvements from the young starters, visions of the 2017 top ten defense, are dancing through Atlanta Falcons fans heads. What better time is there than now, to get that elusive Super Bowl Championship?