Atlanta Falcons: Dan Quinn Has Never Recovered From Super Bowl LI

Atlanta Falcons Dan Quinn (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons Dan Quinn (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /

The city of Atlanta will never forget the 28-3 lead the Atlanta Falcons had in Super Bowl LI. It seems that Dan Quinn also can’t move on from the largest collapse in Super Bowl history.

In Dan Quinn’s second season as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, he led the team to a Super Bowl appearance. Despite blowing a 28-3 lead in the game, many football experts thought the Falcons would be a contender for years to come. However, Atlanta has actually gotten worse each year since Super Bowl LI. The team is only 19-18 since that unforgettable game.

The Atlanta Falcons Haven’t Been the Same Since Super Bowl LI

The championship window is closing rapidly on the Falcons and it doesn’t seem that Dan Quinn can get the team back to the championship form they were at three years ago. Many will defend the Atlanta head coach and his style of coaching. However, it seems safe to say that Dan Quinn has never recovered from the crushing collapse in Super Bowl LI.

In 2017, the Atlanta Falcons were very streaky. For example, the team started 3-0 but would lose the next three games (two of those being against the Bills & Dolphins). Atlanta would eventually finish 3rd in the NFC South and clinch a Wild Card spot.

The Falcons would defeat first-year head coach Sean McVay and the Rams in the first round. However, the Divisional round would go much differently for the Falcons. With Nick Foles starting for the Eagles, many expected the Falcons to reach a second straight NFC Championship.

This result did not happen mainly due to the play calling. The Falcons would lose 15-10 when the Eagles stopped the Falcons on four straight plays inside the ten-yard line. Instead of dismissing Steve Sarkisian, Dan Quinn allowed the offensive coordinator to stay for another season. This would be a major mistake.

2018 was a complete disaster for the Falcons. The team would start the season 1-4, and lose five straight games midway through the season. Somehow, Atlanta managed to win the final three games of the season, to end with a record of 7-9.

Ironically, Matt Bryant hit the game-winning field goal in the final game of the season. However, what did Quinn and the front office decide to do? Cut the all-time leading scorer for the Falcons. They would later have to sign Bryant back in the summer of 2019 after the team failed to find a consistent kicker in the preseason.

This season has started out much like 2018. The Falcons are 1-2 and lucky to not be 0-3. The team has struggled to find any rhythm in two of the three games this season. This lack of preparation falls directly on Dan Quinn.

The Excuses Are Running Out

Dan Quinn has been given so many opportunities to show his talent as a head coach. He’s had three offensive coordinators and two defensive coordinators, in his tenure as the head coach. The defense was given to Coach Quinn this season and it’s not proving to help the problems.

With players such as Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, & Takk McKinley, the Falcons should have no problem on defense. There is too much talent for the team to continue to struggle each year. The defensive schemes are horrible and teams continue to expose the Atlanta defense.

The offense has Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Devonta Freeman, Austin Hooper, & Mohamed Sanu. Other NFL coaches would have no problem making this group of players succeed. With offensive stars like this, the Falcons should have no issue at all making the playoffs every year.

All this being said, the Falcons have the players to win a Super Bowl. The coaches have been there. The only person that hasn’t changed? That’d be Dan Quinn. It’s time for the motivational speeches and excuses to come to an end. It’s time for Coach Quinn to produce results on a consistent basis.

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Failure to Make Playoffs in 2019 Will Lead To Quinn’s Exit

The season is still young. The Falcons are 1-2 with an easy upcoming schedule. The alarm shouldn’t be sounded yet; however, if the Falcons lose this week to the Titans, it may be time to hit the panic button. Atlanta fans are tired of playoff appearances. The fans want a Super Bowl to win.

This team has the star power. All the Falcons need is for their head coach, Dan Quinn, to change his approach and lead the team into battle with more victories. Dan Quinn’s head coaching fate hasn’t been sealed yet, but if Atlanta doesn’t make the playoffs this season, the team will have a new head coach in 2020.