The Atlanta Falcons Still Have a Chance to be a Contender

Atlanta Falcons, Devonta Freeman (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons, Devonta Freeman (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta Falcons are 1-2 on the young season and have gotten off to a horrific start on the road. Still there are some reasons to think that this team can turn it around and contend.

The Atlanta Falcons roster is a playoff roster that should have a shot to win any game. If Atlanta cannot turn it around this season it isn’t because they lack the needed talent. If they fail to turn the season around it is time to consider coaching changes.

Atlanta has their franchise quarterback and an embarrassing amount of weapons. This team is simply too talented not to get it going sooner rather than later.

There are a lot of reasons Atlanta has lost 2-out-of-3 but the biggest two have been turnovers and penalties. Ryan has been somewhat unlucky and made some uncharacteristic mistakes. Those will get cleaned up along with the penalties.

When you consider that, and take a look at the Falcon’s remaining schedule suddenly Atlanta doesn’t appear as out of it as many may think. While you certainly can set yourself behind divisions are rarely won and lost in September.

A slow start is a cause for concern but doesn’t mean this team cannot turn it around. It would be surprising if they don’t begin to play better and win more games. If they continue to lose in the fashion they have the coaching staff will be in for some changes.

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The biggest concern about this team is the defense. When you fail to stop Jacoby Brissett or Kirk Cousins there is reason to wonder if your defense is good enough to be a contending team. Regardless of the answer to that question, Atlanta has an offense good enough to carry the team and win a lot of games. That trend has to start this weekend against the Titans, because another loss and the Head Coaching seat will continue to heat up.