Atlanta Falcons/LA Rams Preview, Week 7 NFL Picks

Atlanta Falcons, Thomas Dimitroff, Dan Quinn (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons, Thomas Dimitroff, Dan Quinn (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

After a long roadtrip, the lifeless Atlanta Falcons return home to face scuffling Los Angeles Rams. In the midst of a four-game losing streak, the Falcons are unlikely to break that streak this Sunday.

At this point, what’s left to be said about this Atlanta Falcons team? The season has been a complete disaster from the opening game with the Minnesota Vikings to the loss last week to the scrappy Arizona Cardinals. This Atlanta Falcons team is 1-5 and looks like there is no chance of turning this season around to anything significant. With all of that said, welcome Los Angeles Rams.

Last week, against Arizona, was the first time in a few weeks the Falcons had a chance to win the game. Unfortunately, Matt Bryant would miss the game-tying extra point to doom the Falcons in that game. Even with Bryant’s miss, the Falcons defense surrendered 34 points to a struggling offense led by a rookie quarterback.

For the Rams, who are currently riding a three-game losing streak, the Falcons are just the team they want to run into to get right. Jared Goff struggled last week, going 13/24 for 78 yards and no touchdowns in a loss. Even with those bad numbers, you can expect Goff to look like an All-Pro this weekend, similar to every quarterback the Falcons have played this season. Let’s look at what opposing quarterbacks have done against the Falcons defense since winning their only game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jacoby Brissett: 28/37 for 310 yards 1 TD 0 INTs
Marcus Mariotta: 18/27 for 227 yards 3 TD 0 INTs
DeShaun Watson: 28/33 for 426 yards 5 TD 0 INTs
Kyler Murray: 27/37 for 340 yards 3 TD 0 INTs

Other than Watson, Jared Goff is a better QB than all of those guys. I expect Goff and the Rams offense to do whatever they that all day on Sunday. The Falcons have specialized in making average quarterbacks look like superstars.

If the Falcons have a chance to win the game on Sunday, it will be because of Matt Ryan and this offense. After scoring 32 and 33 in the last two weeks, the offense has seemed to adapt to the new system that has been implemented. Despite putting up big scoring numbers, the Falcons defense can’t hold on to a lead. With the Rams adding Jalen Ramsey this week in a trade, the Falcons will have an extra wrinkle to worry about on Sunday.

The Atlanta Falcons will, likely, continue to struggle this weekend on the defensive side of the ball. The only hope the Falcons have is for Jared Goff to have another bad game, and that’s unlikely seeing how Mariotta, Murray, and Brissett have looked against this defense. I expect this game to stay competitive as long as the Falcons offense can continue to score. Once the Rams start stopping the offense, the game will be over quickly.

Week 7 NFL Picks
Season Record: 12-13

Houston(+1) over Indianapolis

The Texans are on of the hottest teams in the NFL after beating the Chiefs in Arrowhead last week. This is a divisional game, which is always tricky, but this pick boils down to Watson or Brissett? I’ll take Watson and Houston.

LA Rams(-3) over Atlanta

One struggling team and one dead team. I’ll finally quit this Falcons team after they burned me last week again. Goff and co. are going to torch this defense.

Seattle(-3) over Baltimore

Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson is going to be a lot of fun to watch. Two of the most exciting QBs in the league. This is in Seattle so take the Seahawks.

Philadelphia(+2.5) over Dallas

Both teams lost last week in ugly fashion. The Dallas loss to the Jets was a lot uglier, however. I don’t trust Dak to actually win this game. Doug Pederson makes right on his guarantee.

NY Jets(+10) over New England

The Jets!! No, I don’t think the Jets win this game, however, after their win last week this team showed some fight. Sam Darnold is back so I’ll take the points and the Jets.