Atlanta Falcons To 1-6 After Blowout Loss To Rams

Atlanta Falcons, Dan Quinn (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons, Dan Quinn (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

After another blowout loss, the Atlanta Falcons continue to look lost and lifeless in the process of falling to 1-6 on the season. If the season wasn’t dead before this Sunday, it’s as dead as a season can be at this point.

On Sunday, the Falcons got off to a good start, scoring a field goal on their opening drive and stalling the Rams’ opening drive, forcing a missed field goal. There was still some hope in the half-empty stadium, clearly, the fans have given up on this team for the season, that the Falcons would be able to find some momentum against the struggling Rams. However, in the next five drives, the Falcons would have in the first half, the offense would fail to score any points after opening the game with a field goal. Once the Rams offense got settled in, the game was out of hand quickly.

After falling into a 17-3 hole going into halftime, the game was all but over. On Friday, I talked about how the Falcons only chances to compete in this game would be their offense going blow for blow with the Rams. The Rams defense would stop the Falcons, again and again, leading to a final score of 37-10.

The season went from bad to worse yesterday, in the second half, when Matt Ryan had to exit the game due to an injury to his ankle he sustained while sacked by the Rams. Ryan would exit the game and be seen in a walking boot after the game. At this moment, it is unknown to the extent that Ryan is injured, but initial indications are favorable, meaning we could see Ryan next week against Seattle.

Dan Quinn Watch has reached overdrive after the Rams loss yesterday. Considering it’s Monday and Quinn still holds his title as Head Coach of the Falcons, it’s safe to assume next week’s game against Seattle will be his last, win or lose. Since the Super Bowl appearance, the Falcons have trended downwards and are currently nearing rock-bottom. At this point in the season, it’s a matter of when concerning Dan Quinn’s job as the Head Coach. All indications are Quinn will get to finish against his old team, the Seattle Seahawks.

It’s becoming harder, and more depressing, week after week to find new ways to wax poetically about how bad this Falcons team has been this season. We are all being made to watch the imminent destruction of this team from the outside, and it’s almost complete. As of today, at 1-6, the Falcons draft pick would sit in the top-five. The most Falcons thing that could happen, which I assume it will after this team is subject to a coaching change, is for this team to start winning games in the second half of the season, moving the Falcons further from a top-five draft pick. Sadly, after so many high expectations, we have all be reduced to watching the Falcons draft status for the rest of the season.