Atlanta Falcons-Seattle Seahawks Preview, Week 8 NFL Picks

Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blank, Dan Quinn (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blank, Dan Quinn (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta Falcons will play the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday before the much-needed bye week. In a game that could be Dan Quinn’s last game as the head coach, the Falcons will be looking to snap a five-game losing streak.

The 1-6 Atlanta Falcons will welcome the 5-2 Seattle Seahawks to Mercedes-Benz Stadium this weekend for a clash between two polar opposite teams. The Falcons are a team with no playoff hopes who will likely be picking in the top five of the draft in April. On the other side, the Seahawks look to be a lock for the playoffs as they try to keep pace in the NFC West.

Coming off a surprising home loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the Seahawks will be happy to see the Atlanta Falcons on the schedule, the team that has been the NFL’s “get right” team. Russell Wilson and company are unlikely to lose two games in a row, as they’ve looked like one of the best teams in the NFC. Conversely, the Falcons continue to fall further to rock bottom week after week.

As if the Falcons needed more obstacles to get a win, Matt Ryan is questionable going into this Sunday’s game. After injuring his ankle last week against the Rams, Ryan has missed practice this week while the team prepares the backup, Matt Schaub, to start this weekend against the Seahawks. I can’t wait to watch Schaub throw three touchdowns in a loss so all the Matt Ryan haters can come out in full force next week. All Schaub has to do is look serviceable to make fans start calling for Matt Ryan’s head.

While the offense will continue to struggle without their starting quarterback, the defense didn’t want to be left out of the party. As of Friday, Grady Jarrett and Desmond Trufant are both questionable going into Sunday’s game. Considering the Falcons haven’t recorded a sack or interception since Week 2, it’s not going to be hard to notice these guys missing. Trufant, likely, won’t play. I expect to see Jarrett on the field when the game starts on Sunday.

Even with Jarrett on the field, this Atlanta defense has been hapless and substandard. The fact this team hasn’t recorded a sack in 5 weeks is laughable at this point. This defense has no hope of stopping any opposing quarterback whether it’s Russell Wilson or Marcus Mariotta. Maybe the Falcons find a way to get to Wilson this week, but I doubt it with Wilson’s mobility within the pocket and outside of it. It’s looking like it’s going to be another long Sunday for this Falcons team.

Now, this brings us to Dan Quinn. It’s been the rumor that Arthur Blank would fire him following this game to go into the bye week to get reorganized with whoever takes over in the interim basis. I’ve also heard people suggest Quinn will avoid the sacking this week to assure the Falcons bottoming out for the best draft pick. I don’t buy that. Blank, like all of us watching week to week, sees how bad and stale this team has gotten. Quinn’s message is old, worn out, and, clearly, doesn’t resonate with this team anymore. It’s time to pull the cord and get out while you still can.

Well, do the Falcons have a chance in this game on Sunday? Sure, there is also the possibility of an asteroid hitting the globe, altering life as well all know it. I believe the Falcons need a mini-miracle to secure the win on Sunday. Maybe Wilson plays like dogshit, or Schaub has a great game, or that asteroid hits the Benz, rendering the game unplayable. It’s possible but unlikely. The more likely scenario is the Seahawks prolong the Falcons misery, more bird on bird crime in the NFL, similar to what the Ravens did the Seahawks last week.

Week 8 NFL Picks

Season Record: 13-17

Philadelphia(+2) over Buffalo

The Eagles were embarrassed last week against NFC East rival, Dallas Cowboys. Buffalo continues to shock the league with their 5-1 record, a very easy schedule by the way. I still believe in Carson Wentz and the Eagles. Doug Pederson didn’t promise a win, but I still think the Eagles find a way to win this.

Indianapolis(-6) over Denver

The Colts are good, as we all saw first hand when the Falcons got beat in Indy. The Broncos are still being led by Joe Flacco, and that’s all you need to know. Jacoby Brissett will continue to fling the ball around en route to a Colts win.

LA Rams(-13) over Cincinnati

The Rams got right last week against the Falcons and will get an even worse opponent this week in the Bengals. Zac Taylor returns to face off his old boss, Sean McVay. I think the old master, in relative terms, takes down the rookie head coach, continuing the misery of Taylor and the Bengals.

Tampa Bay(+2.5) over Tennessee

This game was going to be billed at the top two draft picks facing off, however, Mariotta couldn’t hang on to his job after his dismal play. Funny how good he looked against Dan Quinn’s defense… I digress. The Titans won in wild and flunky fashion last week against the Chargers. I actually like Tampa this year. I’ll take them in this game.

Green Bay(-4) over Kansas City

I’m surprised this game has a line, I assume that means Mahomes is playing because a 70% Mahomes is still better than Matt Moore. I don’t think it matters who’s quarterbacking the Chiefs in this game. Aaron Rodgers is playing well, and that’s all I need to know.