Atlanta Falcons Bye Week, NFL Week 9 Picks

Atlanta Falcons, Thomas Dimitroff (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)
Atlanta Falcons, Thomas Dimitroff (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM) /

The Atlanta Falcons are off for this week so that means no preview this week. However, I’m still here with some NFL picks for you to get through week 9. Let’s get into these.

It’s a weird, almost bad slate of games this week. Not a lot of good team facing off against other good teams this week, barring maybe one exception in the New England and Baltimore game. It’s getting to the point of the NFL season where we know who is good and who is bad. Injuries have also taken their toll on this season, knocking out Patrick Mahomes, Cam Newton, and Matt Ryan for different periods. In short, this isn’t the flashiest week of NFL action we’ve had all year. Let’s see if we can get any of these predictions right.

NFL Week 9 Picks

Season Record: 16-19

Philadelphia(-5) over Chicago

The Eagles got back to their winning ways when they went on the road to beat down the Buffalo Bills. Before that game, the Eagles had been struggling and unable to keep pace with the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East. After last week’s performance, it looks like the Eagles are back to playing the kind of football we are used to seeing from Philadelphia.

After such a successful year last season, the Chicago Bears came into this season with high expectations. Eight weeks into the season, and there are major issues in Chicago regarding Mitchell Tribusky. The Bears thought they had their answer at QB, but this season has proved the Bears are offensively inept with Tribusky at the QB spot. Until Tribusky can show any kind of skill, I refuse to pick the Bears in any games. The Eagles will take care of business at home this Sunday.

Seattle(-5) over Tampa Bay

This Tampa Bay team is almost impossible to figure out. Are they good? Is Jameis any good? Can Bruce Arians turn it around in Tampa? All of those questions remain in the air, and I’m no closer to figuring any of it out so far. Last week, I picked the Bucs to win in Tennessee, so obviously, they lost. This week they’re on the road for Seattle, a team we just got to see in Atlanta. I don’t think the Bucs fare well in the pacific northwest and Seattle takes down Jameis and the Bucs.

Green Bay(-4) over LA Chargers

The Chargers continue to be an enigma. One week, they look like AFC contenders, and the next week, they’re blowing a game to the Titans in hilarious fashion. The Chargers stole a win from the Bears last week because of course, they did. This week, the Chargers are back home with the Packers in town, coming off their big road win against the Mahomeless Chiefs. Aaron Rodgers is back to his ways, like throwing passes no other human in this world can throw. The Packers have that look about them this year. Take the Pack.

Houston(-2) over Jacksonville

The darling of the NFL, for a minute, the Houston Texans, are going to London to face off with the London Jaguars. These London games are always a little wonky, and the Jags always seem to play tough for there, but if this Texans team is who we think they are, this is a game they should win easily. The Texans did suffer a big blow when JJ Watt went down last week, but I see this defense still stopping Gardner Minshew. Minshew, a rookie of the year candidate, has been really good but let’s see how he does in London.

Baltimore(+3.5) over New England

This is the week when the New England Patriots actually start playing a real NFL schedule. After playing the likes of the Jets, Dolphins, and Giants, the Patriots will face a real team with a real offensive threat in Lamar Jackson. I know Bill Belichick is a genius and will have a plan for Jackson, but I’m like the Ravens chances to stop the Pats undefeated season this Sunday.