Atlanta Falcons: Devonta Freeman Isn’t the Problem in the Atlanta Run Game

Atlanta Falcons, Devonta Freeman (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons, Devonta Freeman (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta Falcons run game has been terrible this season leaving many blaming running back Devonta Freeman. Despite Freeman’s lack of success he isn’t to blame.

The Atlanta Falcons running game hasn’t been productive this season though that is just one of many problems Atlanta seemingly has. Aside from replacing a terrible defense, Atlanta needs a kicker, offensive linemen, and many believe a running back.

Devonta Freeman has 333-rushing yards this season averaging 3.4 yards a rush. While this is hardly numbers of a starting running back there are a lot of factors for his lack of production that the numbers don’t show.

The Atlanta blocking scheme is laughable at times, you know when this Atlanta offense is going to run and there are defenders in the backfield before Freeman can take a step.  Those attempts come early in the game before the Atlanta defense inevitably crumbles.

Then Atlanta is left with no choice but to use the passing game to attempt to climb back into the game. Freeman is often used as a blocker or standing on the sidelines. Freeman isn’t the issue for Atlanta it is a lack of creative playcalling and poor blocking.

Freeman is still a solid running back in the right system. Atlanta needs to keep Devonta this off-season and focus on fixing their defense and their terrible offensive line.

Freeman is still working on getting back to normal from his injury and will improve in the coming games.

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While he does need to be a bit more aggressive running straight ahead instead of sideways it is hard to pick a lane when one simply doesn’t exist. It is time for the Devonta Freeman slander to stop, it doesn’t matter what running back you put behind this line. It is time Atlanta focuses on fixing their actual problems. Devonta Freeman isn’t part of the problem, simply a prisoner of poor playcalling and basic offensive schemes.