Georgia Bulldogs Ranked 4th In CFP Rankings After Hectic Week

Georgia Football, Head coach Kirby Smart (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Georgia Football, Head coach Kirby Smart (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /

In the second set of College Football Playoff rankings, the Georgia Bulldogs moved up two spots to the top-four, giving them a playoff spot, as of this week. With so much time left in the regular season, the ranking for Georgia is nothing more than an exercise in futility.

After one of the more hectic weeks in college football, where Alabama went down to LSU at home and Penn State lost to Minnesota, the top-four from last week got quite the shakeup. Penn State moved down to 9th, one spot behind the team that handed the Nittany Lions their first loss, Minnesota. Alabama, after losing a somewhat tight contest to LSU, moved to the 5th spot. With those two teams exiting from the top-four, Clemson and Georgia moved up to the 3rd and 4th spots.

With multiple regular-season games remaining before we even get to the conference championship games, there may be more movement within the top-four of the CFP rankings. It can also be argued there will be little movement, with LSU and Clemson past their most difficult games of the season. Conversely, Ohio State and Georgia still have huge games on their schedules that could knock them out of the top-four before the season ends. It’s unlikely that Penn State or Michigan take out Ohio State, or Georgia loses to Auburn this week, but it’s entirely possible.

Ohio State has another week before their next major test with Penn State. It’s Georgia, who travel to Auburn this Saturday, who will face the toughest test of any team in the top-four after this week’s second poll. Auburn, currently ranked 12th with two losses, is always a tough test, especially with the game being played in the Plains of Auburn. However, if Georgia takes care of the Tigers this Saturday, the Bulldogs can coast through their remaining schedule until the SEC Championship Game with LSU.

These rankings coming out week-to-week are nothing more than fodder for fans of these teams to argue about who’s being screwed and who’s in the club. This week, Georgia is in the club and Alabama is being screwed but it can all be different by next Tuesday. As of today, Georgia is in the dance, and will likely remain there assuming they take care of Auburn. After the South Carolina loss, the walls seemed as if they were caving in around Athens. Just a few weeks later, Georgia fans are thinking about LSU and their high powered offense. But before we get there, let’s think of the Auburn Tigers.