Atlanta Falcons Facing Another Winnable Game at Home

Atlanta Falcons, Julio Jones (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons, Julio Jones (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta Falcons are on a two-game winning streak and seem to be turning around their terrible season. They will be facing another beatable opponent on Sunday in the Tampa Bay Bucs.

The last two games the Atlanta Falcons have been the team everyone expected them to be.  Playing great defense and controlling the tempo offensively it has been both exciting and frustrating to watch.

Seeing this team play at the level Falcon’s fans expected them to is confirmation of just how lost this season has been. What exactly has caused the disconnect or sudden change in play in unclear? The playcalling has changed very little, the execution has simply been better.

Regardless of the reason, Atlanta is facing an uphill battle. They must win out or it seems very likely their coaching staff will be out of work.

Even at 8-8 Atlanta will have underachieved and failed yet again to produce a winning season. If Atlanta wins out and sits at 9-7 at season’s end it is likely the coaching staff survives.

Rightly so if they manage the unlikely and win the rest of their remaining games. This week’s game is winnable, however, and will give them a chance to continue their momentum.

After facing off against the Bucs the Falcons will have arguably their biggest test on the season left going up against the Saints on Thanksgiving. The Saints will be looking to avenge the home loss the Falcons handed them a few short weeks ago.

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Matt Ryan and the offense are going to have to continue to score consistently and Dan Quinn’s defense must continue to get pressure on the quarterback. If both of these things can happen suddenly winning out becomes a real possibility and this team could sneak back into relevance once again. More to come as the Falcons season continues.