Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan Must Improve in 2020

Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta Falcons dismal season took an interesting turn on Sunday with the Falcons blowout win over the Carolina Panthers. Matt Ryan played at an MVP level something he has failed to do this season.

There are a lot of problems on the Atlanta Falcons roster, no player or coaching group is blameless including quarterback Matt Ryan. Ryan simply put hasn’t been good enough if you’re THAT quarterback you must find a way to keep your team in games or make a play when you have to.

Ryan’s touchdown to interception rate sits at 22-12 and his yards-per-attempt sits at 7.4 a career low since 2011.

For Ryan, these numbers aren’t acceptable he is being paid as one of the best quarterbacks in football and he must play like one. This isn’t to say if Ryan had played better that the Falcons would be contenders, only that they have certainly had opportunities and Ryan has failed to deliver.

Next season Ryan must improve and return to form. He has too much talent around him to continue to not find a way to create consistent offense. If play calling is the problem Atlanta could certainly change who calls the plays, a likely scenario considering the season Atlanta is having.

While Ryan needs to improve he certainly needs more help. The offensive line has been terrible, they are on pace to allow Ryan to be sacked the most in his career since 2013 (44), he needs more protection.

However, the offensive line cannot be blamed for Ryan’s turnovers or the lack of big plays. When you have an offense with Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley expectations are high and Matt Ryan simply hasn’t delivered.

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The offensive line and play calling will both improve this off-season. Leaving Ryan with no excuse not to produce and bring this Falcons team back to relevance in 2020.