Atlanta Hawks Return Home After Miami Incident

The Atlanta Hawks return to action tonight at home against the Indiana Pacers. After the fiasco in Miami, hopefully, Trae Young and Lloyd Pierce will learn from their past mistakes.

In case you haven’t heard, Trae Young embarrassed himself in Miami this past Tuesday. After going up by 6 with one minute left in regulation, Trae Young made the “it’s over” motion. Unfortunately, for Trae and the Hawks, the game was not over. The Heat would go on a 22-0 run to win the game by 14 points in overtime.

After the embarrassment, Trae knew he was in the wrong and would go on to acknowledge this blunder in a tweet. It was a simple mistake made by a young player who got too far in front of his skis. Hopefully, this will be a moment that will help Trae and the young Hawks grow and learn from this situation.

After the Miami game that went to overtime, the Hawks had to fly up to Chicago to play the Bulls the very next day. The Hawks looked like a team that played three games in four nights, promptly getting blown out by the Bulls. Following the big loss, the Hawks got to fly back home to Atlanta.

With the road trip behind them, the Hawks return to action tonight against the Indiana Pacers. While the Hawks have been very bad and a disappointment after some expectations coming into the season, the Pacers are the antithesis. Even with Victor Olidipo still sidelined, the Pacers are outperforming all expectations that were placed on the team before the season. The Hawks will have to play some of their best basketball if they want to win at home tonight.

The Heat moment plus the Bulls blowout was pretty rough for a player and team that are having a rough start to the season. Hopefully, Lloyd Pierce takes care of his young team to try to insulate them from the outside noise, which there was plenty of. Trae tends to get piled on, despite the stellar numbers he’s put up this season. The Miami incident was just another thing for critics to throw on top of the Trae Young hate. Instead of letting it get him down, Young and Coach Pierce can use this as a growing opportunity. Trae is going to make mistakes and be a kid. Let’s not pile on the kid too hard.

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