Atlanta Falcons Should Take a Look at Georgia Quarterback Jake Fromm

The Atlanta Falcons need a backup plan behind 35-years old Matt Ryan. Looking at the current draft, Jake Fromm could be an interesting answer if he falls to the second round.

The Atlanta Falcons need to begin to think about their future, a future that won’t always have Matt Ryan. A quarterback heavy draft is the perfect time to take on a project at the quarterback position.

Looking at the current prospect field it seems likely Jake Fromm will fall to the second round or later. If that is the case Atlanta shouldn’t hesitate to draft the junior out of Georgia. Fromm’s storybook beginning with the Bulldogs didn’t end well.

His numbers were noticeably down and his team was blown out in their only game of note. Facts that are going to hurt his positioning in the draft. However, there is also the fact that Fromm is still a very young and very talented quarterback.

What he lacks in arm strength he makes up for in accuracy and his ability to read the defense. Watching tape back of the Georgia offense it is impressive what Fromm was able to do with just how terrible his receivers were for the majority of the season.

Putting Jake on the Falcons roster to learn behind Matt Ryan is a dream scenario that is unlikely to happen. But it is a move Atlanta should make if given opportunity. If Ryan were to retire or face injury the Falcon’s current backup Matt Schaub isn’t going to win the Falcons any games or improve their long term options.

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Jake Fromm is an interesting option Atlanta should scout closely in the weeks leading up to the draft. He is an option that could provide Atlanta security behind Matt Ryan and give the team an option when Ryan does retire.



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