Atlanta Braves: Did Atlanta do Enough this Off-Season Finally Win it all?

The Atlanta Braves had a productive off-season but one lacking any splashy moves that clearly made them a World Series contender. Did Atlanta do enough this off-season to win it all?

The Atlanta Braves off-season seemed to be successful.  They shored up their bullpen resigning all of their best relievers and bringing in Will Smith to provide late-inning stability.  Cole Hamels was signed to replace Dallas Keuchel and give the team postseason experience.

The catcher position was addressed and they added a big bat to the middle of the lineup in Marcell Ozuna.  Still, after the Dodgers recent move of acquiring Mookie Betts and David Price and the Nationals making a flurry of moves this off-season, it is fair to wonder if Atlanta did enough to be a World Series contender?

Atlanta put themselves in a position to contend,  but not to win it all easily. For this team to win a World Series everything is going to have to go right for this team in 2020.  Their young core is going to have to continue to progress, Ozuna must replace the production that the team was getting from Josh Donaldson, and most importantly they must have at least two pitchers they can count on in the postseason.

For years the Braves problem has been the same, they refuse to spend what it would take to acquire a pitcher a team should start in a must-win game. Instead, they trot out Julio Teheran, Kris Medlen, or Mike Foltynewicz and just like they did last season they are often bounced from the postseason because of it.

There is the chance that Mike Soroka and Cole Hamels provide this security to Atlanta. If not, they are in trouble and yet again in a must-win game will lack a clear starting option.

Offensively this team projects to be at the top of the League along with a great bullpen. However, there should be a lot of concern that come postseason time everything is going to have to fall just right for this team to win.

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They don’t have the depth of the Dodgers or the starting rotation of the Nationals. Facts that should concern Braves fans despite their talented young core.

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