Atlanta Braves Still Need to Make a Move at Third Base

The Atlanta Braves are heading into the season with a lot of uncertainty at the hot corner. Atlanta needs to make the tough decision to spend prospects and acquire an everyday starter at third base.

The Atlanta Braves off-season has been remarkably average when you consider the expectations for last year’s division champs.  They still have questions at the top of the rotation and at third base.

While they have the depth needed to find a rotation piece within the organization the team lacks any proven third baseman or an option at third with a high upside.

Johan Camargo is the projected starter at this point and he has very little in the way of a proven track record. He is coming off of what was a bad season and is going to be expected to handle starting at third every day.

The only other option Atlanta has is Austin Riley who has impressive power but struggles to make consistent contact.

If Atlanta is going to take the next step in the postseason they are going to have to have a proven third baseman. They can’t have another hole in their lineup with the light offense they will be getting from the catcher and shortstop positions.

Kris Bryant and Nolan Arenado are both still rumored to be on the trade market and either one would make the Braves prohibitive Series favorites in the National League.

It would pull Atlanta past the Dodgers who just acquired a top-five player in Mookie Betts.  It would also allow Riley to continue to develop and Camargo to be put into a utility role.

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This isn’t to say if Atlanta doesn’t make a move they won’t be division champs yet again, Only they will have to have everything fall their way. It would be far easier to spend the prospects it would take to acquire a top third baseman giving Atlanta a real chance at winning a World Series.


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