Financial details disclosed for Dion Toscano deal with Atlanta Braves


One week ago, it was widely reported that the Atlanta Braves had agreed to a contract with a virtually unknown Cuban outfielder named Dion Toscano. At the time, however, there was little to nothing in the way of detail surrounding the deal, and now, Jesse Sanchez of has weighed in with some specifics.

In addition to Sanchez’s report, Mark Bowman (also of clarifies the $7.5 million potential total by illustrating that the contract is worth $1.5 million per year over the four guaranteed years of the deal.

$1.5 million for a Major League outfielder is basically peanuts, but this is an interesting contract given the length. It is unusual to hand out four guaranteed seasons to a player at this financial level, and even more so given the relative anonymity of Dion Toscano. Still, reports are generally positive on Toscano, even if it appears that the Braves see him as a fourth outfielder (at best) in year one of the four-or-five year contract.

What do you think of the contract for Dion Toscano? Too high? Too low? Too long? Tell us in the comments, and feel free to elaborate on the general plan of John Hart and the Atlanta Braves front office this offseason.